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Halifax residents furious over police chase in quiet neighbourhood

By Steve MacArthur Oct 17, 2022 | 11:49 AM

Screen capture of security video shows Halifax police cruiser raming into truck in quiet Halifax neighbourhood. August 16,2022

A police chase down a quiet street in Halifax has left parents and residents furious.

It happened on Sunday in the Armdale neighbourhood.

Video shows several police cars trying to stop a black truck as officers rammed into it and tore through a number of yards on the street.

Dr. Ardath Whynacht lives on the street and wrote on social the chase put the entire community at-risk including many children.

“They could easily have killed my child, or someone else’s. Here is a photo of the crashed squad car at the bottom of Randolph Street,” she wrote on Twitter. “I want Halifax Police to explain why officers in West division decided it was a good idea to put our whole neighborhood at risk for traffic fatality or injury. Did the suspect pose more of a risk to us, than your speeding vehicle across the elementary school field?”

Police say a 39-year-old man is facing multiple charges and officers were in pursuit of a stolen vehicle.

The vehicle was stolen in Pictou County and spotted driving into Halifax on Old Sambro Road.

Two officers suffered minor injuries and no residents were hurt.

Police arrested the person after the driver got stuck between a building and a fence.


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