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8.9% NB Power Rate Increase Would ‘Hurt Everyone’

By Tim Herd Oct 12, 2022 | 2:17 PM

The NB Power head office in Fredericton. Image: Submitted/NB Power

NB Power is seeking a substantial rate hike of 8.9 per cent for all customers.

The utility sent an application to the New Brunswick Energy and Utilities Board last week.

It cited several reasons for the increase, such as unprecedented jumps in fuel and purchased power costs, extraordinary inflationary pressures, supply chain issues, and steep commodity prices.

Robert MacKay, co-chair of the Common Front for Social Justice, said if the increase goes through, it would “hurt everyone.”

“It’s an input cost to everything that is made and so other commodities, and everything else that we buy, might also go up as well,” said MacKay.

“If someone gets an NB Power bill in the mail, and when you see that’s gone up 8.9 per cent, it’s that psychological wham that you get and say – are things getting better or not.”

If granted, any rate hike would take effect next April. NB Power was granted a 2.0 per cent rate hike last spring.


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