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Alberton Reeve Candidate Mike Ford

By Randy Thoms Oct 5, 2022 | 6:58 AM

931. The Border is asked candidates running for election a few questions about the reasons behind their decision to run.

Mike Ford is the reeve of Alberton and is seeking a second term in office.

Here are the answer to the questions we asked him.

Why are you running for office?

I really enjoy the challenges the position offers as well as the opportunities to look for ways to enhance and develop our community. As with all communities, COVID-19 impacted our municipal operations. Despite the difficulties the pandemic presented, we were able to replace the “rink shack” with a four-season, fully accessible building, improve accessibility at 

our playground, replace an outdated tanker truck for our VFD, replace the Kehl Rd bridge, and laid the groundwork for a high-speed fibre internet that will service all homes and businesses. These projects and others were accomplished through applying and securing funding from senior levels of government, which in turn allowed us to keep the costs to our 

taxpayers reasonable.

What are the main issues you see your community facing over the next four years?

I see three main issues for our community:

  •  Increased costs of uncontrollable municipal expenses such as Social Services, Policing, etc. on our budget due to rising inflation.
  • The need for the expansion of the natural gas distribution system to all homes and businesses.
  • Physician recruitment.

How would you tackle those issues?

In the past four years, we have successfully lobbied senior levels of government for money to improve our community. I want to continue these lobbying efforts to ensure that the senior levels of government contribute their fair share. On average, our property taxes increase 2 – 3 % per year while the Ontario Municipal Partnership Funding remains stagnant or, in some 

cases, decreases. This creates an increased burden on municipal taxpayers. I believe all properties should have access to Natural Gas, only by making our voices heard will we achieve this goal.

What qualities or qualifications can you bring to the position?

I have been able to foster productive relationships with senior levels of government. These relationships have been advantageous in securing funding for desired projects. I have a combined 20 years of experience as Councilor and Reeve of Alberton and 21 years as a member of the Committee of Adjustment (15 as Chair). I am also a proud member of the Rainy River District Social Services Board.


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