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Moncton Lacks Amenities For The Homeless: Report

By Allan Dearing Sep 27, 2022 | 6:24 AM

A pallet shelter concept (provided by City of Moncton)

Moncton needs an emergency homeless shelter, a drop-in centre, more harm reduction services and it lacks public washrooms and showers.

A report on amenities for the homeless was prepared for the City of Moncton by Jiwon Park of the Bloomberg Harvard Fellowship Program.

Moncton was one of 38 cities selected for the program which equips the city to tackle complex challenges such as homelessness.

One opportunity allowed the hiring of a Bloomberg Harvard Summer Fellow to work for the city for a 10-week period at no cost since it was fully subsidized by the program.

During a Committee of the Whole meeting on Monday, Park told city council that a drop-in centre would address a recognized community problem of homeless individuals on the streets or in front of private properties.

“This is basically a problem of a lack of spaces where the homeless can walk in and rest and receive essential services for a dignified life… during the daytime.”

She told council that existing homeless shelters have problems such as a lack of privacy, personal storage, safety and wrap-around support services.

Given the approximate homeless population of 222 (as of June 2022 according to the Human Development Council) and 144 beds at the city’s two shelters, she noted a gap of 78 beds.

“I suggest that the city consider introducing a pallet shelter which is a private, cabin-style shelter. The pallet company provides either 64 square foot or 100 square foot modular cabins.”

Park noted 25 units can be shipped in a single tractor trailer to Moncton in seven days, the units take about 45 minutes to assemble and cost about $15,000 USD each to purchase, ship and assemble.

She believed the city already has a lot of alternatives to provide amenities for the homeless which can be adopted fast if there is political will.

She recommended the province’s large cities need to be in close contact to determine the status of efforts in each city.

Park added the provincial government must step up to the plate and support the actions of the municipality including fully funding mental health and addictions support.


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