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MP Rick Perkins calls for federal support for Hurricane Fiona

By Evan Taylor Sep 23, 2022 | 12:54 PM

Conservative MP Rick Perkins speaking in the House of Commons. Photo: Office of Rick Perkins.

South Shore- St. Margaret MP Rick Perkins appealed with his colleagues in Ottawa on Thursday to assist the Maritimes as they prepare for what could be a once-in-a-generation storm.

In a statement Perkins called for as much support as possible from the federal government, specifically calling for help clearing trees from power lines, flood management and assistance with comfort centres.

“News reports are suggesting that Hurricane Fiona could be Canada’s strongest ever storm and the peak winds and rain may arrive early Saturday morning at high tide. The arrival of this generational storm at high tide poses a strong risk for coastal communities throughout my community and province.”

-Rick Perkins

Perkins also encouraged both the public and the federal government to use Friday before the storm hits to make all the preparations necessary ahead of the storm.

During the storm, Perkins intends to remain in communication with local and federal governments so he can help coordinate and assist with any federal aid.

“I remain in direct communication with residents in my riding and officials at all levels of government, across party lines including the federal Minister of Public Safety. I encourage all people in the affected area to follow public safety announcements and prepare for the storm’s arrival. I am actively on top of the situation and will continue to ensure that the people of my riding have the help and support they need.”





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