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PEI Prepares For Fiona

By Tara Clow Sep 23, 2022 | 2:38 PM

(Photo: Prince Edward Island Government)

PEI residents are also preparing for what is being described as a historic storm for the province.

Public Safety Minister Darlene Compton says there are still a few hours to continue preparations.

With the threat of 120 kilometres winds, heavy rain and storm surges, residents need to be safe, “Some people may be curious and want to get closer to the storm, My message to you is simple, don’t.  Don’t go near the water, don’t put yourselves or others at risk. It’s dangerous. You may then need emergency help, but our resources need to be focused on where we need them. As we said in the past few days, this storm is going to impact us and we will see the damage.”

Provincial crews and others will be on the ground as soon as it is safe to assess the damages, “If you don’t need to be on the roads, please don’t. And if you need to be, please be careful,” Compton says.

She adds that it may be one of the most powerful storms in Canadian history, but it’s not the first or the last storm islanders will experience, “We will get through this together. We will come out of this as we always do as a community that looks after one another. So check on your loved ones and your neighbours and please stay safe everyone and please stay home.”

PEI is expected to get heavy rain over a 24 to 36-hour period, with significant winds up to 120 kilometres an hour for a sustained period of time.  Storm surges with waves as high as six metres are also anticipated.

Fiona is expected to arrive this evening and EMO Director Tanya Mullally advised people to take the last few hours to secure their belongings as well as top up their gas, and pull together any items that will be needed.

“If you are in an area where you have experienced storm surge before and have experienced flooding, it would be my recommendation that you attempt to secure those belongings and maybe even seek higher ground so that you can ensure that yourself and your family and your friends remain safe,” Mullally says.

“This will be a historic event for PEI and for Atlantic Canada but it is really time to retreat indoors and keep your family safe, and we will see you on the other side of this I guess,” Mullally states.


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