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The Canadian Coast Guard vessel Shediac Bay dedication ceremony in Saint John, N.B. Image by Tamara Steele.

New Coast Guard Vessel Dedicated In Saint John

By Tamara Steele Sep 13, 2022 | 6:08 PM

The Port City has welcomed a new Canadian Coast Guard ship into service.

The CCGS Shediac Bay has replaced the CCGS Courtenay Bay, which reached the end of its life cycle.

Gary Ivany, assistant commissioner of the Coast Guard for the Atlantic Region, says it’s the 12th new lifeboat of this class.

“The big thing for this type of vessel is its range, with the importance of getting out to mariners quickly. This vessel has a range of over 100 nautical miles, has a speed of over 23 knots. With a crew of four, they can operate in any sea condition,” Ivany said.

Ivany said this ship can withstand hurricane conditions.

“A ship like this can operate in really high sea states. If you look down at the water, you can see we have a seven-and-a-half-foot zodiac, which is great and can get up the river in really shallow conditions, but it can’t operate in extreme weather,” Ivany said.

On the CCGS Shediac Bay, the commander and crew can strap themselves in and can operate in really extreme sea conditions.

Saint John Senator Jim Quinn christened the ship with champagne as the vessel sponsor.

“The Coast Guard is an institution across our country that provides service and it’s often service very much in the background. It’s the men and women that are there every day looking after our mariners. They often have their lives on the line as they go out to help those in trouble,” Quinn said.


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