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CFIB calls on provinces to not give workers day off for Queen’s funeral

By Evan Taylor Sep 13, 2022 | 4:08 PM

Bryan Mills / CC

Next Monday will be a federal holiday in recognition of the Queen’s passing, however, the Canadian Federation of Business (CFIB) is encouraging provinces not to give people the day off.

As it stands the holiday will only apply to federal government employees and workers in federally regulated industries. However, the majority of Canadians do not fall into those categories and as such whether or not they will have the day off will be determined by their provincial governments.

The CFIB is asking the provinces to refuse to make the day a mandatory holiday that requires businesses to shut or offer in lieu pay.

In a statement from CFIB President Dan Kelly he voiced his opposition, “With a six-day notice, it would be deeply unfair for small businesses and cost the economy billions,”.

His statement went on to say that small businesses are already suffering from a lack of staff and rising operating costs, meaning an extra holiday would only worsen their situations.

The CFIB would rather the provinces follow the model of the United Kingdom and leave Monday as a commemorative holiday with no requirement for businesses to close or pay in lieu.

As of Thursday afternoon, none of the provinces have officially announced their plans for Monday in regards to making it a holiday.


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