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Poilievre Gives First Address To Conservative Caucus

By Tim Davidson Sep 12, 2022 | 12:14 PM

Pierre Poilievre has outlined his vision for the party and Canadians during his first address to his caucus.

Poilievre was voted lead of the Conservatives on Saturday.

He put this challenge to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“If you understand that people can’t gas their cars, feed their families, or afford homes for themselves, if you really care, commit today, that their will be no new tax increases on workers and on seniors,” Poilievre said in his address to Conservative MP’s Monday morning.

Poilievre says Canadians are hurting and the Conservatives’ job is to transform that into hope.

“It is not only reckless for the future, but it is too expensive for the present to continue to pile on these debts.  So that is why Conservatives offer practical solutions, like requiring the government follow the same rules families follow in their household budgets.”

Poilievre also committed to a smaller federal government where the state is the servant and the people are the masters.


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