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Remebering Queen Elizabeth’s Visit To Thunder Bay

By Katie Nicholls Sep 8, 2022 | 8:04 PM

City of Thunder Bay Photo Archive

She wasn’t Queen for another two years, but Princess Elizabeth and Prince Phillip did spend time in Thunder Bay.

During a five week visit across Canada, the royals spent two days in the area on Oct. 28 & 29 in 1951.

The visit was full of pomp and circumstance as the red carpet was rolled out for the soon to be Queen and her beau.

In one photo you can see the pair on the steps of old Fort William City Hall waving to an impressive crowd.


City of Thunder Bay Photo Archive

They met with then Mayor Hurbert Badanai of Fort William.

Most of the City’s archived photos showcase their visit at the FW City Hall during a welcoming ceremony.

All of the photos can be viewed here.

Royal Visit 1951


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