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Queens launches new Citizen Reporter Tool

By Evan Taylor Sep 8, 2022 | 2:17 PM

A screenshot of the new Region of Queens Citizen Reporter Tool. Photo: Region of Queens.

The Region of Queens has launched a new online tool that aims to streamline the process of reporting issues with Queens-owned infrastructure.

The new Citizen Reporter Tool allows people to report things like potholes, drainage issues, winter maintenance, and many other non-emergency situations.

“If you’re water line bursts in the middle of the night and you need urgent help this tool is not designed for that and you should still follow the normal procedures for emergency situations,” said Queens Mayor Darlene Norman. “In the past, these non-emergency issues often got brought to town staff or a councilor who then needed to get the info into the right hands, this tool will help speed up that process significantly,”.

The Reporter Tool also shows updates on the issues that have been reported so citizens can check the estimated response time and any disruptions repair work might entail.




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