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NDP Propose Vacancy Control Measure

By Randy Thoms Sep 8, 2022 | 8:06 AM

Mike Linksvayer

The provincial NDP is calling for an end to a loophole that allows landlords to increase rent beyond the legal limit when an apartment becomes vacant.

They say it is leading to renters being evicted for illegal reasons.

Toronto area MPP Bhutila Karpoche says it is why they are putting forward a private members bill to prohibit that practice.

“This bill will stabilize rent and end the incentive for shady and illegal evictions and rent eviction,” says Karpoche.

If passed, landlords would only be permitted to raise rents at the beginning of each year.

“So it will continue to follow that. However, you cannot make any increases beyond that, which is what is happening right now. So the rent or the rent control measures that we have in the province is tied to the unit as opposed to the person,” adds Karpoche.

The NDP notes similar legislation is in place in Manitoba and Quebec, where rents are far cheaper than in Ontario.


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