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Two Elmwood Drive Subdivisions To Have Public Hearings

By Allan Dearing Sep 7, 2022 | 6:40 AM

Eastgate Village, Proposal from ELCE Developments (Provided by City of Moncton)

The public will have a chance to have its say on October 17 on two subdivisions proposed off Elmwood Drive.

Both subdivisions are not being supported by city staff who have made that clear to Moncton City Council.

Eastgate Village would have 956 residential units, a private school, a daycare and a market across from Irishtown Nature Park.

Moncton city planner Josh Adams reminded council the application goes against the city’s municipal plan.

“Looking at all the different areas of the city that are developing and all the opportunities within the urban boundary, we’d have capacity for about 32,000 units with our existing zoning. So that would be a land supply of more than 25 years, potentially close to 50 years with the growth that we’re anticipating.”

Given that capacity, Adams noted how the city wouldn’t need to extend its urban boundary to add water and sewer services which the project would need.

The other subdivision, the Vineyard near Granite Drive, would be a low to medium density residential development and would also require an urban boundary extension.

Moncton senior planner Sarah Anderson told council that the landowner has put a lot of time and effort into this proposal since 1994.

“But as the city has grown, more thought has gone into planned and intentional growth patterns with an emphasis on smart growth that is more cost effective and transit supportive for the benefit of all residents of the city.”

Anderson said there’s already enough land available for development within the urban boundary and noted the high costs of building out rather than infilling and building up.

There is a 30-day period to submit written comments about the subdivisions by email at info.clerk@moncton.ca.


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