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Kids participate in programming by the Gaia Project. Image supplied by the Gaia Project.

The Gaia Project Wants To Serve 30,000 Students This Year

By Tamara Steele Sep 6, 2022 | 7:02 PM

The Gaia Project reached 27,000 youth across the province last year.

It’s a charitable organization that provides free, bilingual climate change education programming for teachers and students throughout New Brunswick.

Executive director Geoff MacDonald said the program registration launch is coming up on September 13th.

He said any grade level can pursue the EcoSchools Canada certification program.

“It’s a really great way to recognize and acknowledge the schools that are doing the hard work of sustainability. They actually get certified based on how many projects and programs and what kind of work they have done through the year,” MacDonald said

MacDonald said they have expanded beyond high school and are also serving elementary and middle school students.

The Gaia Project has a green experts mentorship program where a list has been created of about 70 career experts in sustainability and the environment who are interested in working with students.

“Through a panel event or a mentorship with a one-on-one opportunity with students. We’re really excited to see how they interact with youth. We are trying to build in a toolkit and how to do that appropriately,” MacDonald said.

The Gaia Project wants to add 25 new schools this year.

MacDonald said the team has expanded from four or five people when he joined in 2018 to fourteen staff members this summer.

They are currently hiring a program coordinator, the team members who deliver the programs.

“A few of our team members have an education degree and experience in the classroom. Some others have expertise in environmental science, waste management, composting and agriculture. Definitely taking some resumes right now. We would love to bring someone else who is really passionate about what we are doing – working with youth and working to take climate action,” MacDonald said.


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