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College Students Back on Campus

By Randy Thoms Sep 6, 2022 | 12:35 PM

Confederation College is welcoming students to its Rainy River district campus for the first time since 2020.

Campus manager Sandra Turner is looking forward to students coming back.

“We are so looking forward to welcoming students back on campus to take the classes, to do their studying and having some group activity back on campus,” says Turner.

The College is anticipating 50 to 60 students this year.

They will be among the over 3,100 new and returning students enrolled in the 65 programs offered by the College across its network of campuses this school year.

Students attending classes at the Rainy River District campus will see some changes.

The College had started renovations two years ago, just before the pandemic hit.

Turner says some of that work is continuing, including upgrades to the health lab.

“That’s going to be a project that we’re undertaking this Academic Year. So students will have new equipment to work with while they’re learning in their program.”
Orientation activities are taking place today before the official start of classes tomorrow.

Students will meet their program coordinator, faculty and classmates, learn about what they need to succeed in their program, and be introduced to college support services and opportunities available.

“Participating in orientation activities is a fun way for students to get familiar with the College, their programs and the services offered to them,” said Ronnie Kasana, President of the Student Union (SUCCI). “We’re finally able to come to campus, meet other students in our programs and have some fun before classes start. We hope our support helps students feel confident and prepared for the year ahead.” 


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