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Nova Scotia Submits Carbon Pricing Plan Proposal

Sep 2, 2022 | 4:01 PM

A proposal on combatting carbon emissions was submitted by the Province of Nova Scotia to the Federal Government today. The plan does not include a carbon tax, as the province feels an output-based pricing system targeting large industrial greenhouse gas emitters would be a better alternative.

Minister of Environment and Climate Change Timothy Halman believes that a carbon tax will unfairly target Nova Scotians using pumps and heating fuels at home creating a financial burden. Halman is confident that this plan will meet and exceed the federal benchmarks for reducing the carbon footprint as Nova Scotia has shown leadership in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Government of Canada has also agreed to meet with provinces and territories to discuss affordability concerns and solutions. The province is planning to engage Efficiency Nova Scotia and other partners to help ramp up work to make homes and buildings more energy efficient.

The new proposal comes after the federal environment minister rejected the province’s initial bid this week saying it did not put a price on carbon. The Atlantic Premiers had also called on Stephen Guilbault for more time to submit, but he denied the request.

Ottawa will review the proposal over the course of a few months before it’s approved or denied.  If approved, it would come into effect on January 1st.


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