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@GeoMetroGuys Share Trip Across Canada on TikTok

By Tara Clow Aug 29, 2022 | 4:04 PM

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Two guys in a 1991 Geo Metro are making their way across the country while documenting their trip on Tik Tok.

Best friends, 20-year-old Matt and 19-year-old Kaden left Vancouver Island, British Columbia in early August.

“On August 1st, Matt and I were at the beach and Matt said we should do something cool and out of the ordinary. We decided we would go across the country in this little car. Matt took time off his job and then two days later I quit my job. Then we set out on August 9th,” Kaden says.

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As they made their way through New Brunswick, Matt told us the people they’ve met have made the trip memorable, “So far it has been pretty good, we have met a lot of people. The car has given us some trouble, but I think we’ll make it to the Atlantic Ocean which is our end goal.”

They weren’t sure if the Geo Metro was going to make it at one point after the Alternator died in Quebec.

“If the car did break down, We were going to hitchhike because we were already so close,” Matt stated.

But Kaden says some really kind people had seen their videos on Tik Tok and offered to help get them back on the road and also gave them a place to stay for the night while the car was being repaired.

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Neither Matt nor Kaden had been away from British Columbia before. Matt says the only other place in Canada he has been in is Kingston, Ontario but he took an airplane to get there.

This is Kaden’s first time off Vancouver Island.

According to their Tik Tok videos, they thought even Vancouver Island was small, but now after their journey,  they have a different opinion.

“There’s a little bit of everything going through the Rockies and the Prairies. Toronto is similar to Vancouver, Quebec is definitely a whole different place,” Matt and Kaden said.

Matt and Kaden planned to spend time in Halifax today, with their sights set on PEI tomorrow, if they had time,  before heading back home.

The best part of the trip for the @geometroguys was “Meeting new people, everyone is so friendly. Toronto is so cool, Calgary was a lot of fun and already we had a blast in New Brunswick and arrived in Nova Scotia this morning.”

(Photo: submitted)

The decision to document the trip on Tik Tok has given them some extra attention, “We have a lot of people reaching out. It’s weird. Crazy to see how many people are enjoying the journey. We have a lot of people stopping us and just saying hello and introducing themselves. We are letting them sign the car, so we have a bit of a token to take back with us from every city and small community.” Matt says.

Kaden adds, “It is very weird, but it’s normally it’s the car that is so distinguishable. People see us in the Geo Metro, and they recognize us.”

Their plan is to drive back across the country, with the hopes of being back on Vancouver Island by September 10th, barring no other issues with the Geo Metro.

As for what the Geo Metro Guys have planned for their next adventure? “We’ve talked about travelling more and maybe keeping Tik Tok going, but we’ll see how it goes when we get back.”


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