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Cat Population Has Exploded In Greater Moncton

By Allan Dearing Aug 29, 2022 | 5:46 AM

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A cat rescue organization says Greater Moncton has an overpopulation of cats which has reached an extreme level.

Tammy Robichaud, co-founder of Fortunate Felines Rescue, said the six rescue organizations serving the area have been working non-stop to try to keep up with the problem.

“People are not spaying or neutering. They are letting their cats outside. There are so many colonies of cats and feral cats within the city limits. It’s crazy.”

Robichaud said volunteers have cleaned out numerous feral colonies including one which was reestablished due to a cat hoarding problem.

Depending on the circumstances, she noted some cats can get pregnant at only three or four months old.

A shortage of veterinarians in the area is another issue which is compounding the situation.

“We need more vets. We need people to spay or neuter their animals. We need them to stop letting them roam. It’s so bad.”

Robichaud said this has been an ongoing problem for years but it seemed to get worse when the pandemic started.

During lockdowns, people were drawn to free kittens on the internet but she added when those ended, many lost interest and simply tossed them out.


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