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Justice Minister dismisses claims RCMP underfunded in N.S.

By Steve MacArthur Aug 25, 2022 | 11:27 AM

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Nova Scotia’s Justice Minister does not agree with claims the RCMP is not properly funded.

Brad Johns says the province has always answered the call when it comes to funding and resources.

“The RCMP are having a problem getting staff,” Johns explained while meeting with reporters on Wednesday. “I think a lot of this is staffing issues that are internal to the RCMP and recruitment efforts.”

Former commanding officer Lee Bergerman called for “hard look” at the policing funding model in Nova Scotia. She believes they need more resources because the costs of policing continue to rise.

Bergerman said the province was chronically underfunding the force when being questioned by commissioners overseeing the mass shooting inquiry in Nova Scotia.

However, Johns was quick to brush aside those claims and pointed out a day later, Commissioner Brenda Lucki told the inquiry the force is having recruitment challenges right across the country.

“What the RCMP does with those funds are somewhat up to the RCMP. Every time they have come forward and asked for funding we have met that [request].” Johns said.

When asked by reporters about vacancies within the Nova Scotia force, Johns said he wasn’t sure of the exact number, but he did not believe it was significant.

“There is nothing there that’s setting off an alarm,” he explained. “From a provincial perspective, if they are not filling vacancies’ and we are paying for them…Why?”


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