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Election Candidates in Place

By Randy Thoms Aug 22, 2022 | 8:32 AM

The fields are set for the October 24 municipal and school board elections across the Rainy River District.

There will be races in several communities, including in Fort Frances, where two candidates have filed for the position of mayor and seven for councillor.

There will be no election for some positions, including in Rainy River and Emo, where mayors Deb Ewald and Harold McQuaker were unopposed in bids for reelection.

The four councillor positions in Alberton township were also filled by the required number.

Municipal Returning Officers will declare acclamations at 4 p.m. today.


Town of Fort Frances

Ken Perry
Andrew Hallikas

Councillor (six to be elected)
Kaleb Firth
Mike Behan (incumbent)
Wendy Brunetta (incumbent)
Mandi Olson
Steven Maki
John McTaggart (incumbent)
David Kircher


Town of Atikokan

Rob Ferguson
Robbin Harper

Councillor (six to be elected)
Gord Knowles
Elizabeth (Liz) Shine (incumbent)
Brian Stimson (incumbent)
Jim Johnson (incumbent)
Alacia Henderson
Corrine Colvin
Gordon Martin
Janelle Zacharias
Kristi-Lynn McQuay


Township of Alberton

Mike Ford
Michael Hammond

Councillor (4 required)
Tyson Dennis (incumbent)
Diane Evaline Glowasky (incumbent)
Shawn Spence (incumbent)
Peter Roman Spuzak


Township of LaVallee

Kenneth Hyatt
Lucille MacDonald
Emily Watson

Councillor (four to be elected)
Ken Badiuk
James Belluz (incumbent)
Elaine Hughes (incumbent)
Brendan Hyatt
Michael Hyatt
Stephen Loshaw
Daniel Rea (incumbent)
Brian Trimble


Township of Emo

Harold McQuaker (incumbent)

Councillor (four to be elected)
Lisa Teeple
Phil Whatley
Russ Fortier
Geoffrey Pearce
Gerald Wieringa
Lori-Ann Shortreed (incumbent)
Harrold Boven (incumbent)
Frank Szeder (Jr)


Township of Chapple

James Gibson

Councillor (four to be elected)
Ken Wilson (incumbent)
Philip Schram (incumbent)
Rick Neilson (incumbent)
Robert Barron
Trish Neilson


Township of Morley

George Heyens (incumbent)
Telford Advent

Ray Hackett
Ashley Morrison
Maria Vandenbrand (incumbent)
Wade Desserre
Paul Brown
Tony Armstrong (incumbent)
David Larocque
Zach Sopotiuck
Gary Jolicouer (incumbent)
Jamie Beal
Andrew McCormick (incumbent)


Town of Rainy River

Deb Ewald

Councillor (six to be elected)
Daniel Armstrong
Greg Brown
Robert Ewald
Joel Hagarty
Robert Helgeson (incumbent)
Neil Ivall (incumbent)
Martin Kreger (incumbent)
Marlene McNally
Florence Newman
Gordon Prost


Rainy River District School Board

Town of Atikokan

Fort Frances, unorganized Areas east of Fort Frances
Michael Graham
Mike Walchuk

Township of Emo, Kingsford, Fleming, Senn, McLarty, Nestor Falls, Township of Chapple, Unorganized area north of Chapple, excepting Lake of the Woods
John Fuhrer (incumbent)

Township of Alberton, Township of La Vallee, Miscampbell, Dance, Lake Despair, Griesinger
Kathryn Pierroz (incumbent)

Township of Morley, Township of Morson, Lake of the Woods, Township of McCrosson & Tovell, Town of Rainy River, Township of Dawson, Unorganized area adjacent to Dawson
Sarah Creed


Northwest Catholic District School Board

Town of Fort Frances, Township of Alberton, Township of LaVallee (two to be elected)
Cathy Piotrowski (incumbent)

Townships of Emo, Chapple, Morley, Dawson, Rainy River, Lake of the Wood, Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls
David Sharp (incumbent)

Andrea Maggrah


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