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School Board Trustees Files For Town Council

By Randy Thoms Aug 22, 2022 | 1:19 PM

Fort Frances realtor David Kircher is looking at making the jump from a school board trustee to town council.

He has spent twelve years with the Rainy River District School Board.

Kircher has also focused a lot of his attention on the demise of the former mill, and it is a reason he is running for councillor.

“I still have a lot of unanswered questions about what happened, and why the mill has been torn down, and why the mill has been torn down so quickly. And not only that, but what the economic future Fort Frances is going to be,” says Kircher. “I’d like to step up, get on Council and see if we could move the town forward and see why we are where we are.”

He’s not concerned about being labelled a one-issue candidate.

“I may be, but the focus of the one issue is central to the survival of Fort Frances, which is our economic future and the ability to get money to get us out of this sort of economic hole where we are now. There are ways to move forward to get money, but we have to take control of our own destiny which I don’t think we’ve been in control of for many years.”

Kircher is interested as well in developing a new strategic plan up.

He also feels his term as a school board trustee can be beneficial at the municipal level.

“I’m currently vice-chair. I expanded my horizons when I first got onto the board, and I hope I’ve contributed as much as I’ve learned from being on the school board. Governance is hugely important to develop so that administration and everybody is working towards the same goal. That’s where the tone is set. Council needs to establish a good strategic plan and policies to help administration achieve that goal. Council has to act as a unit, not as individual councillors with different agendas. It’s really important council to work together.”


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