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Two Years Later, Llama-mazing Adventures Going Strong

By Tara Clow Aug 22, 2022 | 9:10 AM

(Photo: Courtesy of Llama-mazing Adventures Facebook page)

There are many Alpaca farms in Canada, but none as unique as Llama-mazing Adventures.

Two years ago, Josee started the business that is now located in Cap-Pele.

She owns 16 llamas, horses, alpacas, emus, goats, a pig and a camel.

She says farm-wise, there are two purposes for llamas, “You have the alpacas that are really good for their, fibre, and wool. We can make all kinds of products with it. hats, mittens, sweaters, socks, really good quality. And then you have the llamas where you can still use their wool, but it’s not as good quality. They’re mostly used for guarding animals so they can actually protect livestock against predators, or anything that tries to go in their pasture.”

Gautreau says they’re also very therapeutic animals, “So we bring them to old folks home, we bring them to all kinds of events, birthday parties, or even just hikes on our property or off the property. And I find they’re so calm and soothing, and just very great animals to be around.”

Reservations for Llama-mazing Adventures can be for anywhere in the Maritimes, “For those who want to tour the farm, a reservation is needed. But we travel all around or to pretty much wherever people are willing to pay for the travel fee.”

Gautreau adds there are many alpaca farms, but none that do what Llama-mazing Adventures does.

If you are looking for a specific date, it’s recommended you book a few months in advance.

She says when she proposed the Llama-mazing Adventures business two years ago, many told her she was crazy, but now they have lots of interest, “We’ve had lots of TV shows, and some documentaries because we are so unique but it’s super fun for everyone.”

Gautreau says they recently purchased a new property on 120 acres and it is a woodlot, so it is perfect for trails, “We have a river flowing by and the whole pond. It’s a beautiful piece of land, but it needs a tremendous amount of work. And we’re starting from scratch. I’m not sure if we’ll be able to build this year because of the cost, so we expect it to be a 10-year project.

She remains positive though, stating that any expansion is good, even a slow expansion.


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