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MPPs Disagree Over Indigenous Learning

By Randy Thoms Aug 18, 2022 | 9:10 AM

The provincial government is being accused of removing an Indigenous science component from the elementary school curriculum.

Kiiwetinoong MPP Sol Mamakwa says the decision was made without consulting first nations in the province.

“Ontario should be working with first nations educators to add indigenous science to the curriculum, not remove it in secret,” Mamakwa asserted in the Ontario Legislature during Question Period on Wednesday. “Why are you not responding to First Nation education organizations that want to work with you to develop this framework?”

Indigenous Affairs Minister Greg Rickford said the Ministry of Education has worked hard to ensure there are more components of Indigenous learning in the elementary curriculum than ever before.

“No government has taken the steps, by comparison, that we have to ensure a strengthen indigenous learning opportunity. For far too long, many in this house (Queen’s Park) learned about our history with words like colonization, war and conquer. Today we’re talking about reconcilia-action,” replied Rickford.

Education minister Stephen Lecce also told the Ontario Legislature that teaching about the residential school system is now included for the first time, for grades 1 to 8, not 3 to 6, as was previously.


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