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One Year of PC Government, Official Opposition Comments

By Jakob Postlewaite Aug 17, 2022 | 5:05 PM

Premier Time Houston and Nova Scotia Liberal Party Leader Zach Churchill.

It’s now been one year since the Progressive Conservatives took control of Nova Scotia.

Tim Houston’s government was elected on the promise to fix the province’s healthcare system.

Leader of the opposition and the Nova Scotia Liberal Party Zach Churchill says we’ve only seen healthcare deteriorate.

“Particularly in rural Nova Scotia but now also in Halifax,” says Churchill. “We have almost twice as many people without a family doctor as we did a year ago. We have ER’s that have been completely over run and are closing down more than ever before.”

Churchill says we’re facing another wave of COVID-19 and people need more information about the situation.

“A lot of people don’t know that our hospitals are being over run and surgeries are being delayed. So we do have to see this government take the impacts on our healthcare system seriously when it comes to the pandemic.”

He says the Houston government is failing to see the connection between the pandemic and healthcare delivery across the province.

Churchill also says the Houston Government hasn’t taken any urgent action to address the inflation problem.

He says the cost of living and prospective rate increases from Nova Scotia Power are having a big impact on the economy.


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