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Moncton Council Approves New Elmwood Drive Neighbourhoods

By Allan Dearing Aug 17, 2022 | 6:24 AM

Eastgate Village, Proposal from ELCE Developments (Provided by City of Moncton)

Moncton City Council has approved a new neighbourhood across from Irishtown Nature Park which goes against city staff recommendations and the city’s own municipal plan.

In three phases, ELCE Developments Inc. proposes to build 956 residential units including single-family homes, apartment buildings and townhouses along with a private school, daycare and market.

So-called Eastgate Village would be built on nearly 145 acres (about 60 hectares) of land which would have 10 new public streets and two entrances from Elmwood Drive.

The city would have to extend water and sewer services since most of the area currently lies outside of the serviceable or urban boundary.

City staff were against the plans arguing that existing neighbourhoods should be completed first before new areas are opened up.

Deputy mayor Bryan Butler said infrastructure upgrades will be needed including widening Elmwood Drive but he felt development is not going to happen overnight.

“You know, we’re looking at in the next three or four years… 100 houses. And that’s quite a lot, if we get 100 houses in there.”

Mayor Dawn Arnold was against moving forward at this time and felt the approval sends a bad message to existing developers working in the city.

“We put everything in place to enhance efficient cost effective and transit supportive growth and development within our growth boundaries of our city. This has been our modus operandi for a long time. This would fly in the face of that, in my opinion.”

Arnold wanted to postpone the application until the results of two studies are available on urban growth and the Elmwood Drive transportation corridor.

Councillors Bourgeois, Butler, Crossman, Richard, Steeves and Theriault all voted in favour of the sprawling development.

Land proposed for development from Harry Wynberg (Provided by City of Moncton)

City Council also voted to go ahead with another development on the east side of Elmwood Drive near Granite Drive from developer Harry Wynberg.

The entire property is about 73 acres of which 39 acres would be developed to include single-family homes, duplexes, rowhouses and townhouses.

City staff also did not recommend moving ahead with this development given the high costs associated with growing out, instead of infilling and growing up.

Public presentations for both developments will be held on September 6 and the public hearings are scheduled for October 17.


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