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Local Salesperson Joins Race for FF Council

By Randy Thoms Aug 17, 2022 | 8:51 AM

A former town police officer, now car salesperson, is hoping to find a seat on Fort Frances town council.

Steve Maki is one of the latest to file for this October’s municipal election.

He says he’s already been interested in politics and felt the timing was right to throw his name into the hat.

Maki is most concerned with the departure of town employees in recent months.

“Talking with town employees that are not happy. They’ve left, or there are some that are still talking they want to leave. That’s not good. So I thought that maybe me putting my name forward I can help with that,” says Maki.

He also sees the local economy and doing more for young people as key issues for the next council.

He feels he can bring a lot to the discussion.

“I think I can look at both sides of an argument even if I’m leaning in one direction. I can hear the other side, then take what is being said to heart and make an informed decision, even if it’s not the way I’m thinking. I certainly am open to conversation.”

“If the group decides this is where we want to go, even if it’s contrary to my initial beliefs, well, that’s where the group wants to go. Then we need to all get on board to make that decision become a reality and be a positive thing.”

Maki spent 22 years with the Fort Frances Town Police, moving over in the take over by OPP in 1996.

He joined MacDonald Motors, now Fort Frances GM, in 2004.


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