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Sandpiper Numbers Rise In 2022

By Tara Clow Aug 15, 2022 | 11:01 AM

Joshua J. Cotten / Unsplash

More Sandpipers have touched down at Johnson’s Mills Interpretive Centre this summer.

So far, around 100, 000 birds have been spotted in 2022, an increase from around 35, 000 last year.

The birds stop at Johnson’s Mills to feed on the mudflats, on the abundance of Corophium or mud shrimp, before they head out on a 72-hour nonstop flight to South America.

The peak migration period is mid-August, but Assistant Manager Jordan Myles says there’s still time to get a glimpse, “Best time of day for viewing the shorebirds is during a four-hour window from two hours before high tide, to two hours after high tide. We do ask that people stay off the beach so the birds have a chance to rest.”

The last birds usually arrive to feed at the beginning of September, “Those are our juveniles. When they arrive, they’ll stay for around three weeks,” Myles says.

Johnson’s Mills Interpretive Centre attracts tourists from across Canada and beyond each year, to see the Sandpipers.


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