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Town of Yarmouth Approves Parade Policy

By Jakob Postlewaite Aug 15, 2022 | 3:56 PM

The Town of Yarmouth has approved a new sets of rules for parades.

Under the policy, parades must be held during daylight hours in good visibility. They are also limited to a maximum length of 2.5 km.

Organizers will have to apply for a parade permit, provide proof of liability insurance regardless of the size of the parade, have volunteers stationed along the route and be responsible for all claims and damages.

Organizers will also be responsible for hosting a meeting before the parade with the entrants to review rules and discuss safety.

Parade entrants will not be allowed to get on or off a vehicle once the parade starts, mascots must have a handler walking with them and all floats carrying people must have appropriate body supports bolted to them.

Entrants are also not allowed to throw anything from a vehicle, children must be accompanied by an adult at a ratio of 6:1 and those walking must do so either in front or behind the vehicle.

Those viewing parades are not allowed to attempt to cross the road, stand or sit in the street or park along parade routes.

A link to the full list of rules can be found here on the Town of Yarmouth’s policies page.


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