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Drumlin Hills ownership change leaving many residents without key services

By Evan Taylor Aug 12, 2022 | 2:18 PM

Drumlin Hills is a seniors apartment in Bridgewater, NS. Photo: Evan Taylor

Residents of Drumlin Hills in Bridgewater are concerned about changes being implemented by new ownership.

Early in July residents received notices that the building had been sold to Rosedale Investments Limited who intended to make changes to the services offered at Drumlin.

The notice indicated that by November 30 the building will no longer be offering daily meals, weekly housekeeping, and assistance from the service staff.

Prior to the announcement of the changes, Drumlin Hills offered 24 units that provided enhanced levels of care including daily meal service and weekly cleaning. Many of the residents living in the enhanced care units are unable to cook or care for themselves.

Staff at Drumlin Hills refused to answer any questions about the changes, as did Rosedale Investments who said they would not be speaking with the media.

Bridgewater’s Mayor David Mitchell says he was only recently made aware of the situation but is concerned it will leave many seniors who rely on the services offered at Drumlin with little to no options.

In a post online he explained that although the news may be upsetting to many the town has no say in the matter as it is a private business that is an area with zoning permissions that do not require them to offer food services. He did indicate the town would be reaching out to the province to see if there was anything they could do.

Our newsroom has received a response from the Department of Seniors and Long Term Care which indicated their position on the matter.

Government is committed to helping ensure Nova Scotia seniors have access to the supports they need to live in their homes and communities longer. This includes services like home care, meal preparation, housekeeping, laundry support, and more. While Drumlin Hills is a privately operated assisted living business that is not funded or licensed by the Department of Seniors and Long-Term Care, and the department has not formally been notified by the owner, we are aware of the situation.

Nova Scotia Health Authority has advised that home care services are currently provided to some residents in the building and these services will continue.While we’re still learning more about this situation, it is our current understanding that one of the gaps may be related to meals for residents of the building.

Because it is a privately-owned business, you would need speak to the owner to confirm details about the plans for the building.

-Statement from Department of Seniors and Long Term Care


With Drumlin Hills and its owners seemingly unwilling to discuss the planned changes in further detail, many residents are now faced with dealing with the changes as they happen and adapting as best they can.





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