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How to avoid trouble on the water during your next swim adventure

By Skye Bryden-Blom Aug 11, 2022 | 11:00 AM

Igor Spasic / CC

Some safety tips for your next beach trip to ensure you don’t encounter trouble on the water.

The Nova Scotia Lifesaving Society tells our newsroom the best advice is to learn how to swim.

Special Projects Director Paul D’Eon says it’s surprising how many deaths happen close to safety.

“Most drownings occur within 50 meters of safety. If you can swim 50 meters, you’re going to be able to help yourself,” D’Eon explains. “It’s also common sense. If you’re a non-swimmer, you should be on a dock or near it if you’re fishing. If you’re near deep water, you should wear a personal flotation device. It will save your life. sitting on it in your boat as a cushion is not going to help you. So put them on, wear them, make sure they’re fastened up properly.”

Another tip is to never go out swimming alone and if you have young children with you it’s best to keep them within arm’s reach.

D’eon adds it’s all important to stay sober if you’re going to be hanging out by the water.

“One of the contributing factors to drowning is alcohol and drugs. So stay sober while you’re out there,” D’eon says.

He also reminds Nova Scotians that hurricane season is coming, running from mid-August to October, which means you need to be careful around the surf.

“When the waves get bigger the rip currents occur,” D’Eon says.

Meantime, the Mounties echo the Nova Scotia Lifesaving Society’s tips. They’ve issued a reminder to Nova Scotians to practice safety on the water.

RCMP in our province say they’ve seen an increase in calls relating to water safety recently. They’ve responded to 14 incidents in the last ten days, including distressed swimmers, capsized boats, people drifting out to sea, and drownings. Two drownings occurred in our province in the last few days.

“As Nova Scotians, we have a shared responsibility on the water to keep everyone safe,” RCMP say. “Please enjoy the many wonderful beaches and lakes that Nova Scotia has to offer, but do so responsibly.”


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