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Inflation Influences Grocery Shopping Habits

By Allan Dearing Aug 10, 2022 | 6:24 AM

eddie welker / CC

How is inflation influencing the grocery shopping habits of Canadians?

A survey by Field Agent Canada has found that when money is tight, shoppers change what they buy.

In its survey of 2,739 shoppers, Field Agent Canada says every respondent shopped for groceries in-store with 61 percent visiting a brick-and-mortar grocery store multiple times per week.

The survey found almost three-quarters of shoppers say they are switching brands to save costs and about the same number are buying different groceries.

Some say they are buying less meat while other shoppers say they compare flyers and price match.

Half of those surveyed say they buy more in bulk and many say they shop more at discount retailers.

Others say they look for better deals through apps and try to use coupons and discount codes.

One-quarter say inflation has even influenced them to get a membership at a warehouse club.

The survey also found that when a dollar just doesn’t go as far as it used to, frivolous or impulse purchases are the first to be kicked to the curb.


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