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Capital Reserve Funds Opening Up For New City Solicitor Office

By Katie Nicholls Aug 9, 2022 | 11:55 AM

In a long back and forth during the latest City Council meeting, approval was voted through for the City Solicitor staff to be granted a new office.

The ask was for $1 million; to acquire and renovate a new space for the eight team members that work in the city’s law office.

Cash for the new project is coming from the capital reserve funds, and doesn’t directly affect the 2022 budget that’s already approved with projects.

The City Solicitors require a more storage space for the associated paperwork that comes with the job, as well as space for various staff members.

Tied into the same ask, was a request for another lawyer or two on the City’s team. As the City Solicitors do a variety of legal work, their sole job isn’t situated in litigation, but spread across various subjects including insurance, claims processing, municipal and real estate development duties.

The request for more staff was pushed until the 2023 budget in which there will be a new city council sitting at the table.


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