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Reduction In Softwood Lumber Tariffs

By Brad Perry Aug 8, 2022 | 12:01 PM

Aleksandar Radovanovic / Unsplash

Canadian softwood lumber producers will see a reduction in the tariffs they pay at the U.S. border.

The U.S. Department of Commerce is lowering tariffs for most producers to 8.59 per cent.

It comes after the department raised the duty rates from 8.99 to 17.9 per cent late last year.

International Trade Minister Mary Ng said Canada plans to appeal the “unwarranted and unfair” duties.

“These duties have caused unjustified harm to the Canadian industry and its workers. They also amount to a tax on U.S. consumers, exacerbating housing unaffordability at a time of increased supply challenges and inflationary pressures,” Ng said in a statement late last week.

“While the duty rates will decrease from the current levels for the majority of exporters, the only truly fair outcome would be for the United States to cease applying baseless duties to Canadian softwood lumber.”

Not all forestry companies on this side of the border will be paying the same tariff when it sends products to the United States.

According to The Globe and Mail, New Brunswick-based J.D. Irving, Ltd., will see its tariff drop to 7.17 per cent from just over 15 per cent.

“Canada has always been willing to work with the United States to explore ideas that could allow for a return to predictable cross-border trade in softwood lumber. We remain confident that a negotiated solution to this long-standing trade issue is in the best interests of both our countries, and we welcome an open dialogue with the United States to this end,” said Ng.


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