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Susan Holt Voted In As NB Liberal Leader

By Tim Herd Aug 6, 2022 | 3:34 PM

Screen shot from the Liberal Party of New Brunswick live stream.

The results are in and the Liberal Party of New Brunswick has a new leader.

Susan Holt was voted in as the new leader on Saturday, August, 6.

The party chose its new leader through a ranked balloting system, and to be elected, a candidate must receive 50%+1 of the points.

Holt received just over 51.6 per cent of the vote, which occurred in the third and final round of voting.

Holt mentioned in an interview that bold change has to start now.

“There’s a ton of work to do, and there’s a lot of New Brunswickers who want to do it, so I’m really excited to dig into those conversations with them, put those great ideas forward, help them put those ideas forward, and really earn the trust of New Brunswickers with ideas that make a difference in our lives.”

Holt mentioned she has a plan to operate the party that is open and inclusive.

“I believe we need to rebuild trust in government and political institutions because it doesn’t exist right now. People are cynical, they’re frustrated and tired, they don’t believe government or parties can help, so we need to change, and the Liberal party will be the first to do it.”

Holt added she is looking forward to New Brunswickers who have ideas that are asking to be heard, such as ways to improve the healthcare system and access to housing.

The other three candidates included Donald Arseneault, Robert Gauvin, and TJ Harvey.

Arseneault was eliminated in the first round of voting with 14.22 per cent of the vote.

Gauvin was eliminated in the second round with 23.67 per cent of the vote, and Harvey in the third and final round.



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