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La S’Maine Acadienne de Par en Bas Starts Next Week

By Jakob Postlewaite Aug 5, 2022 | 2:05 PM

c/o La Société Touristique Bon Temps d'Argyle Facebook page.

Monday will mark the start of the first La S’Maine Acadienne de Par en Bas.

All week communities throughout Argyle will celebrate Acadian culture with events from the Société Touristique Bon Temps d’Argyle.

President Roger d’Entremont says in the past each community would host their own events leading up to National Acadian Day on August 15th.

“Years ago every community in the Municipality of Argyle would have activities, but in recent years the events and the participation has diminished quite a bit so here we are trying to revive this, to revive the pride of the Acadians in this regions.”

Things to look forward to include family fun activities, a farmers market, a tintamarre and lots of great local cuisine.

There’s also going to be a children’s parade, a quilt demonstration and plenty of entertainment.

d’Entremont says it’s a chance for everyone to experience Acadian culture.

“It’s so easy to forget where we come from and who we are but we can’t forget that we’re an Acadian region, we are Acadians and we want people, not just the locals, but the people from away to come and learn about the Acadian experience, immerse themselves in these activities.”

Information about all of the events happening can be found on the Société Touristique Bon Temps d’Argyle Facebook page.


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