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Health Studio To Open As Riverview Business Expands

By Tara Clow Aug 3, 2022 | 7:12 AM

(Courtesy of Just Fit on Facebook)

A Riverview fitness centre is expanding.

Just Fit Owner Julie Solbak says they’ve received many requests over the past three years, looking for additional services, “Over and over again from our members, asking for things like Tai Chi. We have a lot of senior members here, who are looking for things like Tai Chi or Pilates. Just different ways where they can strengthen their bodies without necessarily having high impact.”

That led to the creation of Just Move which will be located right next door on Pinewood Road.

(Photo: courtesy of Just Fit on Facebook)

“Currently we have a small community gym here in Riverview, with all the basic machines that people use for cardio strength, and free weights and we have a tiny little studio here. But what we’ve always wanted was a bigger open space. So Just Move is the unit directly beside us. There will be a door so that there will be some going back and forth, but it is kind of its own thing. So we’ll have a larger space there, and there’s going to be a lot of different things happening,” Solbak adds.

Currently, Just Fit has over 300 members, but this new addition will open things up to a whole range of others.

“Nothing is confirmed or set in stone yet, except for yoga. We will definitely have yoga classes but that’s not to say it will only be a yoga studio. We call it a Health studio because we want to encourage lots of different things to happen there. Mom and baby groups are already booked in for the fall, and we may host different workshops. Hosting community groups, and we’ve talked to some different sports groups, hockey, swimming and Ringette and doing some team training there as well. It’s not just exercise, ” Solbak says.

Just Move will also mean the addition of some contract fitness instructors and more front desk coverage at some point. Solbak expects they may need to expand the current number of employees they have, but she says it won’t happen right away.

“We have not set a hard date for our opening yet, There are no guarantees with the workers and contractors and getting things that we need for our renovations but we are certainly hoping for the fall,” Solbak says.

Julie and Kevin Solbak have owned the Riverview Just Fit for the past three years.


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