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One-Stop Record-Keeping Solution For Saint John Fire

By Tim Herd Aug 2, 2022 | 6:02 AM

The Saint John Fire Department is implementing new software that will hold all records in one location instead of using multiple sources.

Council recently approved a five-year agreement with First Due, a one-stop public safety platform for fire departments and other emergency services.

Leah Robichaud, manager of analytics, said the software will include everything from scheduling to training.

“That would be everything from our people side of things, such as scheduling and training, keeping track of certifications, and internal communications.”

“As well as when responding to incidents in terms of having information about that particular address,” continued Robichaud.

Robichaud mentioned that the software is user-friendly, and can also benefit residents with its Community Connect application.

“It actually allows residents and businesses to go and report on different information about their particular address, so it could be telling using things like hazards that they have on-site if there are special needs individuals in the home, even something like pets, and letting us know that you have pets on-site.”

The five-year agreement will cost roughly $45,000 per year, said Robichaud.

She added the department hopes to have some of the modules up in roughly three to six months.


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