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Mike Behan Seeks Second Term

By Randy Thoms Aug 2, 2022 | 9:42 AM

The first current member of Fort Frances council has filed for re-election in this fall’s municipal elections.

Mike Behan is seeking a second term as councillor, a decision, he says, was not made lightly.

“The past four years have been challenging ones to say the least, in dealing with such things as the pandemic and historic flooding and almost complete turnover in the senior management staff. But I’m thinking of all that, despite all the setbacks and lows, in the end, I decided I still have the time and desire to contribute to another four years on council, and that was what made my decision,” says Behan

Behan says he used the first part of term learning and feels the experience gained can help with a new mayor and council.

He does see the need for some experience back at the table.

“Certainly, some continuity is always a good thing. There’s nothing wrong with having new voices and new faces around the table with new ideas and fresh perspectives. I certainly welcome that, but having a completely new council, I think, might be a challenge, at least in the early going. So I think it’s important to have continuity and experience at the table, and I hope the voters of Fort Frances agree with that.”

He feels he has the right attributes to help council and the town move forward.

“I bring some sober thought to issues and the things that come up out of the blue and some that you know we’re coming. I’m also open-minded. I don’t believe in change for the sake of change. As everyone knows, our community is in transition. We have to change to adapt to the new reality of the no paper mill. I’m always open to new ideas and listen to them. I may not always agree with them, but I’m certainly open to them.”

Behan would like to see more community engagement, whether it is someone serving on committees or volunteer boards.

Behan says he is not one to take the spotlight but feels he played a role in the approval of four budgets that kept tax increases as low as possible.

He also supported the development of Erin Crescent and the change of Colonization Road to Agamiing Drive and Sunset Drive.

The election is slated for October 24.



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