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TBRHSC Planning Ahead On Epidural Catheter Shortage

By Katie Nicholls Jul 28, 2022 | 6:21 AM

John Campbell

An epidural catheter shortage is plaguing western parts of Canada.

The hospital product that is used to inject medication directly through the patients spinal cavity (epidural space), and stops the nerves from sensing pain.

In an email to the hospital spokesperson, they indicated that they currently have enough supply for demand and are planning ahead;

…Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre continues to increase inventory beyond current stock levels to further increase days supply on hand. Our process for managing critical inventory and supplies developed during the pandemic and has put the Hospital in a stable position and ahead of the curve with respect to managing inventory.

The regional hospitals vendor confirmed to them that they have enough supply for Thunder Bay’s needs for the next 30 days, and TBRHSC also has people working on a contingency plan should that need to be activated.


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