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Feds Propose Cash for Assault Rifle Buyback Program

By Katie Nicholls Jul 28, 2022 | 9:13 AM

STNGR Industries / Unsplash

Ottawa is proposing to offer cash in a mandatory buy back program for AR-15 rifles and various models.

Public Safety Canada will have varying buyback prices available to those that hand in their AR-15 rifles in the mandatory buyback program.

The AR-15 rifle itself would net a person $1,337, and upwards of $6,209 for a Swiss Arms SG550.

This isn’t set in stone yet as the federal government is seeking input from gun owners, businesses that sell them and of course people in the industry regarding the compensation amounts until Aug. 28.

More than 1,500 types of assault riffles and fire arms are covered until the proposed ban, with prices estimated to what individuals bought the item for prior to May 2020.


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