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Interactive Lighting Coming To Jardine’s Alley

By Tim Herd Jul 28, 2022 | 2:37 PM

From left to right: Brendan Bates, Uptown Saint John; MP Wayne Long; Mayor Donna Reardon; Nancy Tissington, Uptown Saint John.

It is going to be a bit brighter in Uptown Saint John.

On Thursday, Saint John-Rothesay MP, Wayne Long announced an investment of $41,859 through Rediscover Main Streets for Uptown Saint John Inc.

“The program is designed to breathe life into old spaces, and help draw people to Uptown,” said Long on behalf of Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor, the minister responsible for the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA).

“This funding will support the redesign of Jardine’s Alley, it’s going to be a new light display, and it’s going to be an incredible added feature to Uptown Saint John,” added Long.

Uptown Saint John Inc. hopes Jardine’s Alley will turn into a 90-foot light and sound tunnel by the end of August to early September.

“Right now we are looking for materials … it will operate year-round, and we will be using it for different things, so when other events are going on we will collaborate with the event organizers, and they will be allowed to use the display,” mentioned Nancy Tissington, executive director of Uptown Saint John Inc.

When asked about the transformation of Jardine’s Alley, Tissington mentioned it will turn into an interactive lighting display for visitors and residents to enjoy.

“What happens is there’s a grid over your head, and you’ll be able to look up and be able to see either logos, or any types of images, or anything you can do with music, and you can also animate with the lights.”

Tissington mentioned the display will operate year-round, and will always be changing.

“Which will help people revisit it, so it’s just not a one-time, come down and see a piece of artwork they’re going to want to come back and see it.”

“The best part about this program is people can come back whenever we change it or announce it.”

Tissington added Uptown Saint John Inc. had to apply for a heritage permit to redesign Jardine’s Alley, and the funding received will pay for the entire project.

“The funding isn’t a fixed number it’s exact to the penny, so that’s going to be the cost of the project, there’s a little bit of contingency in there based on fuel and courier costs, but for the most part we should be using all of the funds that have been given to us.”


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