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A coast guard boat on-site in Bridgewater where three abandoned vessels will be dismantled and removed. Photo: Canadian Coast Guard.

Three ships leaving LaHave River to be dismantled on site

By Evan Taylor Jun 11, 2024 | 2:08 PM

The three abandoned vessels being removed from the LaHave River will be dismantled on-site to reduce the risk of environmental contamination.

The Coast Guard will be on-site for six months monitoring RJ MacIssac Construction who were awarded the contract to remove pollutants and dismantle the vessels.

“During the preliminary work we expect various pollutants to be removed like fuel and oil, along with other things common in these older boats like asbestos,” said Kyle Jarvis from the Coast Guards’ Marine Environmental and Hazardous Response Team. “Due to the deteriorated state of the vessels, it’s much easier to have them removed than to make them seaworthy and try and tow them out.”

While the work is ongoing the public is being asked to stay clear of the dock site which is located at the bottom of Glen Allen Drive.

Noise pollution has also been considered with the Coast Guard indicating outside of some days where large excavators are needed most noise should be isolated to the work site.

Once removed RJ MacIssac will also be responsible for remediating the site, removing any lasting traces of the vessels that have been an eyesore and environmental risk to the local community for over a decade.

As the work unfolds over the next six months the Coast Guard will be providing updates on how it is going and alerting the public to any situations they need to be aware of.

Jarvis also encourages any members of the public who notice any contaminants or leaks to contact their reporting line at 1-800-565-1633.