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Tri-County Regional Centre for Education office (Y95 News Photo)

TCRCE head says cellphones managed well in classrooms

By Kevin Northup Jun 11, 2024 | 10:15 AM

The Tri-County Regional Centre for Education says they already do a great job with cellphones in schools.

The province announced a plan last week to ban the devices in classrooms.

Executive director Jared Purdy says developers of the plan visited Maple Grove and Shelburne Regional High School.

“A ton of work, feedback and insights went into this directive. It aligns very nicely with the practices that are already in place within Tri-County,” said Purdy.

He says there will be some adjustments, but the directives and expectations are clear.

Purdy says the feedback he’s heard has been overwhelmingly positive.

“It will be an adjustment provincially, but the good news is that we’re already managing this well.”

Students in Grade Primary to 6 will not be able to use phones in school.

Grade 7 to 12 students may have designated times to use them outside class, or may be able to use them on special exemption in classrooms.