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Courtesy: Thunder Bay Art Gallery

The new waterfront art gallery looks for more funding

By Chloe Hannan Jun 11, 2024 | 4:00 PM

About $5 million more is needed to complete Thunder Bay Art Gallery’s new waterfront facility.

The project is still on track to be completed in 2025 but hasn’t reached its funding goal.

It was originally estimated to cost roughly $50 million, but increased construction costs have pushed the price closer to $60 million.

Bob Gravelle, the communications and marketing coordinator, says the building is starting to come together.

“At this time, the gallery is 25 to 35 percent completed,” said Gravelle. “Which is exciting on our end because it’s been a long time coming.”

The idea for a new gallery started in 2009, and fundraising has been provided by all levels of government and the community.

An initial commitment from the City of Thunder Bay of $5.7 million has led to commitments of over $40 million from the Federal and provincial governments.

There have also been multiple fundraising campaigns since 2018 and a recent $1,000,000 donation from the Paterson Foundation in April.

Gravelle says the next steps are to look for more money.

“We’re well on our way to getting this done, but we need those able to help us pass the finish line as far as funding.”

When funding can bring the facility to completion, they will open to the public the following year.

“We are hoping to be starting the move in 2025, then hopefully opening to the public soon after that in early 2026,” said Gravelle.

More updates on the new facility can be seen here.