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Dieppe grass height restriction bylaw revised

By Tara Clow Jun 11, 2024 | 12:40 PM

Did you forget to mow the lawn this week and you live in Dieppe? Not to worry.

Dieppe City Council has revised a bylaw that regulates the maximum height for vegetation on private property.

The 20-centimetre height restriction for grass has been removed.

Dieppe City Council adopted the revised bylaw on June 10.   They say it aims to comply with legal opinions and decisions handed down by various Canadian courts. Case law suggests that aesthetic criteria for lawn maintenance are arbitrary and unconstitutional.

In Dieppe,  vegetation must not block traffic, visibility, signs and street lighting.  Homeowners must also remove harmful, toxic or dangerous plants, and comply with directives issued by the fire or environment department.

The City adds that there are benefits to less frequent mowing, including fewer greenhouse grass emissions and it also helps endangered pollinators.

Some municipal land will also be turned into flower meadows to protect the environment and pollinators.

Bylaws remain in effect in Moncton and Riverview with a maximum height of 20 centimetres for grass on private property.