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“It affects everyone”, washrooms at Community Park in Port Hawkesbury opened after vandalism

By Caitlin Snow Jun 10, 2024 | 5:04 PM

The washrooms at the Community Park in Port Hawkesbury are open again to the public.

They had been closed down after two recent acts of vandalism.

General Manager of Facilities, Parks and Operations for The Town of Port Hawkesbury, Gordie Snook says the whole thing is disheartening.

“The first week there was an incident where there were some holes put in the wall in the male washroom and then last week again there was an incident where the toilet paper, paper towel and soap dispenser were smashed off the wall and some damage done inside the male washroom again.”

Snook adds that it is a similar incident to the vandalism that happened at the park last year, only that was on the female side.

“There are hundreds of people that use that park, you know every day and every week and really use it respectfully.  There’s a lot of people that use it as it should be used and when we have to close for repairs for the minority…for the few that damage it… it affects everyone.”

He says the park was built 12 years ago and is a “beautiful facility”.

There are two levels of playground for ages 8-11 and 12-15 with multi-use courts, a splash pad, community gardens and a soccer field.

Snook says it’s really sad to see the next generation not respect the space as much as the people who put it in place.

He says two years ago they added security cameras which identified the suspects, and the matter has been handed over to the RCMP.