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Free transit as part of Clean Air Day

By Regis Phillips Jun 5, 2024 | 5:33 AM

NB Lung is leading the Clean Air Day charge in Canada.

Celebrated on the first Wednesday of June, it is a nationwide movement to mobilize, honour, and protect the air we breathe.

NB Lung President and CEO Melanie Langille says free public transport will be provided in Fredericton, Moncton and Saint John.

“That’s one of the most significant things that an individual can do to protect the air that we share is thinking about the ways you get from Point A to Point B,” said Langille.

Schools are also going in on the movement with a walking school bus, where a group of children walk to school with one or more adults. It can be as informal as two families taking turns walking their children or a structured route with meeting points, a timetable and a regularly rotated schedule done by trained volunteers.

Another variation on the walking school bus is the bicycle train, in which adults supervise children riding their bikes to school.

Langille says 30 non-governmental organizations (NGO) will be given activity kits, local libraries will be hosting their own activities, and NB Lung will begin the collection of 500 radon testing kits from Saint Andrews after a community radon testing drive in February.

“Currently we are advocating for some provincial support for New Brunswickers to make repairs to their home to fix radon levels in their home,” added Langille.

“Clean air is essential to lung health. NB Lung is proud to be leading this national awareness day to promote the importance of clean and actions that can be taken to protect it.”