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Emo township office, June 2022, Image: Randy Thoms/Acadia Broadcasting

Emo Mayor testifies at Human Rights Tribunal

By Randy Thoms Jun 5, 2024 | 6:31 PM

Emo Mayor Harold McQuaker took his turn at testifying at the Human Rights Tribunal in a complaint brought against his community by Borderland Pride.

The hearing is being conducted virtually, with McQuaker speaking from the municipal council meeting room.

He began with an amendment to clarify his witness statement regarding an apology that had been written months after council rejected a Pride Week proclamation.

A December 2020 letter to the legal team representing Borderland Pride states that when he cast his no vote, he did so to represent his constituents in good faith.

McQuaker wrote that since then, he was committed to learning about the struggles of minority communities, including the LGBTQ.

The apology was never made public unless Borderland Pride agreed to enter into negotiations to settle the dispute.

The Tribunal also heard audio from the council meetings when the debate took place.

There were also warnings from other members about the potential of legal action that could arise from council’s decision.

At the time, McQuaker discounted the suggestion.

He told the Tribunal he thought the issue would have been resolved without the need for legal proceedings.

An expert witness and a resident who identifies as a lesbian also made brief appearances but faced little cross-examination by lawyers representing the municipalities or the three members of council named in the action.