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Photo: Katherine Gillis

New local running group with catchy name getting big response

By Caitlin Snow Jun 3, 2024 | 2:10 PM

A new running group in Dartmouth is grabbing people’s attention.

It might not only be a good fit if you love to run, but especially if you feel like you are really slow.

Organizer Katherine Gillis tells our newsroom she started running herself, earlier this year.

She did the Bluenose training session and after that, wanted to join a group, but they were all too fast—so she decided to organize her own.

“Anybody who runs in the back kind of knows what it feels like, so I wanted it to be something fun for everybody to kind of you know…laugh at us a little bit.”

Racy, catchy name

Inspired by another Facebook group that has members from all over the world, Gillis picked a similar name, but kept it local.

She says she wanted something catchy, so what it is called definitely has an impact, but that is not the only reason people are encouraged to join.

It is a group for everybody, as most groups in her experience, are faster paced.

Positive response

Gillis says there has been a huge response.

“So many people have messaged and commented and said how this is exactly what they wanted. Something that they can actually join and not feel …you know… left in the dust, within in a minute.”

By last week, they already had 20 people, with building momentum.