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Lobster boats in Yarmouth Bar on the morning of Dumping Day. (Acadia News Photo)

Catches up as LFA 33/34 season ends

By Kevin Northup May 31, 2024 | 6:00 AM

Catches are up as lobster season comes to a close.

Fishers will haul up their traps Friday for the last time until late November.

Dan Fleck is the executive director of the Brazil Rock 33/34 Lobster Association.

He says prices have fallen to over eight dollars a pound.

“The past several weeks, catch rates have increased. It’s believed this is due to the water warming up. We believe the lobsters were there in the fall, but they weren’t crawling because the water was so cold,” said Fleck.

He says captains are feeling optimistic about next season, as they’re noticing more female egg-bearing lobsters.

“Catch rates have increased, and they’re seeing a lot of good signs for next fall.”

Fleck says the industry continues to keep a close eye on the potential of Marine Protected Areas, aquaculture sites and offshore windmills.

He also hopes DFO will monitor illegal fishing and provide enforcement, much like they’re doing with elver poaching.